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Caring for the whole person: Holistic personal training and physical rehabilitation.

Healthier. Fitter. Greener.™

14 Nov. 2014 Posted by Hannah Mich

Breathing Your Way to Fit

ab workout, core fitness, breathing exercises, meditation, yoga breathing

As the title of this blog suggests, this blog is about how our breathing plays such a major role in fitness and overall wellbeing. With my background in Sports Medicine, I was never taught through my formal training on the importance of breathing exercises on fitness. The extent of my training on breath work was to only make sure athletes do not hold their breath, especially during weight lifting. Holding the breath is referred to as the valsalva maneuver; it can cause a drastic increase in blood pressure.

9 Oct. 2014 Posted by Hannah Mich

3D Personal Training

personal training, personal training guidelines, personal trainer, active lifestyle

Most people who walk through my door want success with their exercise program. Having true long-term success with an exercise program (and active healthy lifestyle) is no easy task. A lot goes into that success both on my end and the client’s. And unlike many trainers out there, I will tell you there are no quick fixes. There are no definite answers or solutions. There are no go-to-exercises that will make it all better in a matter of days. You want success it takes time, patience and what I would call the 3Ds of personal training.

4 Sep. 2014 Posted by Hannah Mich

A Clean Slate: Body tension

body tension, tight muscles, muscle tension, poor posture, posture, pain

Most of us at some point and time have heard the saying, “every day is a clean slate.” Unfortunately, most of us have already discovered that this is not true. Your actions today can create some interesting consequences that seep into the days that follow.

Our body is a prime example of this. If you weight lift, run a marathon or eat too much at the family picnic, your body will not hesitate to give you the results of your actions – sore muscles, muscle cramps and indigestion, respectfully. But let’s put these examples aside, and consider one that is much deeper – body tension.

28 Aug. 2014 Posted by Hannah Mich

Health Care is Personal

healthcare, alternative health care, preventive medicine, prevention

Consider this scenario. You have come down ill. You arrive in the waiting room of your general physician’s office. You fill out the appropriate forms, pay your co-pay, and are taken to a treatment room. Here a nurse asks you a handful of questions, takes your blood pressure, pulse and temperature. You may sit another 10 minutes or more reading a magazine until your physician enters to ask you questions, write a prescription if necessary, and then you are on your way. Your doctor says call if your symptoms persist or get worse. Otherwise – case closed. What is wrong with this picture?

8 Jun. 2014 Posted by Hannah Mich

Eating Purposefully: Food is medicine

energies of food, TCM, chinese medicine, diet, detoxifying foods, anti-oxidants

Eating is a necessity of life. Our eating habits reflect our daily routines, traditions and overall health. Food is so much more than calories, fats, carbohydrates and proteins. It is how we provide hundreds to thousands of nutrients for our body, and it is how we promote balanced energies. Lately I have been discussing diet with my clients, and I am finding that we have quite shallow fews of the foods we eat. For example, apples are a fruit and are "worth" a hundred calories. Sigh...Looking a little deeper tells us apples are so much more!

31 Mar. 2014 Posted by Hannah Mich

The Stooped Gardner

garden, gardening, exercise, gardening warm-up, gardener injury

I have a community garden plot that is approximately twenty feet by twenty feet. It is a glorious sight to my eyes...well at least when I am looking at it AND envisioning a garden in full bloom. Getting there paints the garden into a entirely different picture. It can be back breaking work preparing a garden for planting season. Although the work creates physical fatigue, it allows my mind such a break from the day to day grind of phone calls, emails, taking care of a two year old and managing dinner. I always feel this sense of peace after doing garden work.