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No Trust No Leaders

15 Aug. 2011 Posted by Hannah Mich in politics, leaders, politicians, president, trust
leaders, leadership, politicians, trust

When I listen to the news on the television or read it on-line, I notice a common theme, political disputes. It seems our politicians cannot seem to get along. With all the arguing and personal attacks, it is a wonder our political leaders get anything done at all. Then I hear how Americans have lost faith in our politicians in part because of financial distress and this political upheaval. The consequences of this lack of trust in political leaders include the loss of leadership, little to no progress with programs and poor outlooks on future leaders.

When leaders are not trusted, those leaders lose their followers and are therefore no longer leaders. So, that leaves us with a bunch of people in D.C. who are attempting to run the government and country, but who are no longer leading the citizens of this country.

For anyone to be a leader they must have specific character traits, including integrity, honesty, mental strength, compassion and understanding. These traits are important because it allows people to trust in that leader and his or her abilities. Furthermore, this trust is not just given to potential leaders it is earned as that individual proves that he or she possess those leadership traits along with having the “followers” best interest at heart. Therefore making this leader trustworthy. Would this describe our current politicians? No.

Our politicians seem to think that political power, money, and a job title make them the leaders. It does not. When was the last time you heard integrity, compassion and honesty placed in the same sentence with one of our politicians’ names? It has probably been a long time. Now, I am making a gross generalization of our politicians, but for good reason. Politicians in general have lost all credibility purely because they are politicians. This represents years of poor leadership traits, dishonesty among the majority of politicians and a lack of trust from American Citizens - their supposed followers.

The untrustworthiness of our politicians cannot be fixed overnight. It cannot be mended with a few acts of kindness during election years, it cannot be forgotten with a savvy political speech, and trust cannot be bought with money. So how do we mend this relationship between citizen and politician, follower and leader?

We need to search for new politicians and leaders. We need to re-evaluate what we look for in politicians running for government positions. We need to look past the advertisements, speeches and old political tactics. We need to ask these potential leaders hard questions and demand straightforward and honest answers, even if we do not like the answer. We need to require more face time with these people to develop trust in them and their abilities. It will take years to re-build our government, but it is well worth the fight and persistence.

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