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26 Apr. 2014 Posted by Hannah Mich

Wrong is Right: Discovering proper movement

exercise, movement, proper posture, proper exercise technique

As an exercise specialist, the most common question I get from clients is, "am I doing this exercise right ? My answer a couple of years ago, would have been a decisive "yes" or "no," but I have grown as a professional and have learned a hard lesson that I want to share...

Lagging Behind and Out of Control: The U.S. health care system's carbon footprint

U.S. health care system, health care system's carbon footprint, surgery carbon footprint, environmental impact of hospitals, medical facilities' waste management, greenhouse gas emissions

The health care system in the United States needs a total makeover. Better yet let’s tear it all down and start fresh. Okay, it may not be feasible to start fresh with our health care system, but some serious changes need to be made. The effectiveness of our health care system is decreasing while costs are drastically increasing. Tell you something you do not know, right?

Food Goes In, Poo Goes Out: Your Infant’s Digestive System

infant digestion, open gut, diarrhea, constipation, amylase, IgA, digestive development, breast milk, intestinal flora

Four months ago I began the daunting task of investigating infants and food introduction. I wanted to be prepared when my little girl was ready to start solid foods. I read books, articles, blogs and studies. When she turned five and half months I felt ready to take on the task of slowly introducing solid foods. I was wrong.

Kick Crunches to the Curb

core exercises, crunches, crunches on exercise ball, low-back pain, planks, kneeling superman, core exercise routine

Lets face it the traditional abdominal exercise – the crunch – is a staple exercise for many from the weekend warriors to the college athletes. The crunch has been around for decades and when I typed in “crunch exercise” into Google I pulled up almost three million results with the top ones being videos of how to perform a crunch. So, naturally you would think the crunch is an effective way to exercise your abdominals. Wrong!

24 Feb. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich in proper posture, postural alignment, poor posture, improve posture

Slouchy No More: Improve your posture

stretches, postural exercises

Sitting at a computer desk eight hours a day. Driving long commutes to and from work. Lounging in your over-stuffed couch watching television. Combine these activities with stressful lifestyles and the obesity epidemic, and it is no wonder we are a society with a generally “slouchy” posture.

12 Feb. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich in new year's resolution, active lifestyle, live green, eco-friendly, recycle, reuse, organic

Ah Ha Moment: Greener you, healthier you

recycle, tennis shoes, sneakers, green living, active lifestyle

You are on the right track. You are eating more vegetables and less saturated fat. You have a gym membership and go three to four times a week. You also climb the stairs religiously instead of being crammed in the elevator with 10 other co-workers trying to make it to the office floor before eight o’clock in the morning. And you are saying “no” more than “yes” when it comes to those yummy doughnuts that seem to always be calling your name in the break room at the office. And yet something feels like it is missing?

The Electric Car: A waste of time?

electric vehicle, plug-in electric car, conventional vehicle, zero emissions

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular. The three major reasons are that people want to purchase vehicles that are more environmentally friendly, want to become less dependent on oil, especially foreign oil, and want to purchase vehicles that are more economical.

8 Nov. 2011 Posted by Hannah Mich in vitamin supplements, vitamin D, vitamins, micronutrients, eating healthy

Vitamin Supplements: Magic pills or Placebos?

vitamin supplements, vitamin D, vitamins, micronutrients, eating healthy

It seems like vitamins are becoming like eggs in that one-minute we are told to consume them the next minute we are told to avoid them. Some warn of their dangers, while others praise vitamin supplements for their extraordinary health benefits. So, what do you do: take vitamin supplements or avoid them all together?

21 Oct. 2011 Posted by Hannah Mich in spices, herbs, cinnamon, parsley, nutmeg, basil, natural remedies

The Aroma, Flavor and Health Benefits of Common Herbs and Spices

spices, herbs, cinnamon, parsley, nutmeg, basil, natural remedies

Herbs, such as basil, cinnamon, nutmeg and parsley, are more than just a way to add flavor to your favorite dishes. In fact, they have very powerful affects on the human body when consumed correctly. A better understanding of the foods we cook with can enable us to personalize our cooking to meet our personal tastes as well as our physical needs. If you feel you would benefit from the medicinal use of any one of these herbs or spices, contact a local naturalistic doctor.


14 Oct. 2011 Posted by Hannah Mich in protests, protesters, occupy wall street, occupy chicago, freedom, citizens

Our Fight: Voting is not enough to regain our freedom

protests, unity, citizens, freedom, rights, community, liberty

These recent protests are not just about money and corruption. We, the citizens of this country, have been used as a means to an end. Our rights as human beings and as citizens of this country have been over-shadowed by our role as consumers. We are protesting as citizens of this country because we recognize our power and our role in stopping such injustices from continuing to occur.