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3D Personal Training

9 Oct. 2014 Posted by Hannah Mich
personal training, personal training guidelines, personal trainer, active lifestyle

Most people who walk through my door want success with their exercise program. Having true long-term success with an exercise program (and active healthy lifestyle) is no easy task. A lot goes into that success both on my end and the client’s. And unlike many trainers out there, I will tell you there are no quick fixes. There are no definite answers or solutions. There are no go-to-exercises that will make it all better in a matter of days. You want success it takes time, patience and what I would call the 3Ds of personal training.

Direction is extremely important in achieving any long-term goal and maintaining it. Many people with exercise programs fail to be successful long-term because they lack the direction needed. It is easy to get caught up in symptoms, secondary problems and tangents. Now with that being said, at times it is necessary to make significant adjustments to the exercise program and goals. For example, developing health problems during the initial phases of an exercise program. Under those circumstances, modifications should be made to both the exercise program and goals.

Out of all the 3Ds, direction is the one that your personal trainer is going to be able to provide the most help. Personal trainers have the most objective view of your health and of the exercise program. They can help keep you on track through the good, bad and the ugly. The road to an active lifestyle is not a straight shot; it is a very curvy, hilly road. Having a trainer who will help you navigate that road and get to your destination safely is priceless.

Dedication is a key quality you must possess to have long-term success. There are no “maybes” when you embark on changing your lifestyle and health. You find a qualified personal trainer you connect with, and you go for it. To be completely dedicated to a program means making it one of your top three daily priorities. It means building a relationship with your trainer and truly trusting them. This is not easy to do, but once you become dedicated to an exercise program and accomplishing a goal, it is very liberating.

Discipline is likely the most important out of the 3Ds, because without it, you will accomplish very little. Your personal trainer can help set up tools to give you more accountability; but ultimately you have to show personal discipline. Only you can do this. Great personal trainers can help build that internal discipline that is needed for long-term success, but you ultimately make the decisions when it comes to exercising, eating and so on.

You won’t know exactly what it takes to get to your goals until you begin your training, but understanding that you will need direction, dedication and discipline to get there puts you one step ahead.


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