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Poop and Be Healthy

4 May. 2015 Posted by Hannah Mich
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I ask about my clients bowel movements on a weekly basis. Some people wonder why this is so important to the work I do. An hour later, after I have gone into my full explanation, they have a much better understanding of my reasoning. Your gastrointestinal health and pooping have a lot to do with how you feel when you are physically active. It is not exactly fun trying to run a 5k if you have not pooped in 3 or more days!! Unfortunately a slow GI tract is more common than most people know; and it is NOT healthy or normal. So, what does pooping have to do with being healthy and fit?

1. Constipation means you are full of poop. This means you weigh more and tend to experience gas and bloating. This is going to impair your comfortability during exercise, especially high impact and high-intensity exercise. On a high note, exercise may help you to poop.

2. Abnormal bowel movements, especially straining during pooping and constipation, can contribute to low back pain. Chronic low back pain sufferers can be the same people who have chronic constipation and yet may not realize the connection between the two.

3. Not pooping daily can mean your body is much more likely to have chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation can contribute to body aches, joint and tendon problems, and may impair recovery from your normal exercise routines.

4. An unhealthy GI tract impairs the immune system. making you more susceptible to getting sick. If you are sick frequently, you cannot exercise regularly. This is a problem if you are trying to change your lifestyle and lose weight.

5. Your pooping is a symptom of not only your diet, but your physical activity level and pelvic health. If it is improving overtime and with the changes we are making in your lifestyle, it means we are on the right track with your health.

These are the highlights of why I ask about pooping. And not the long version, but it hopefully brings great clarity on why I want my clients pooping on a regular basis.

For those of you wondering about what your poop looks like and what that means, check out this chart .


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