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Hannah Mich's blog

10 May. 2015 Posted by Hannah Mich

The Great Outdoors on Mother's Day

outdoors, adventures, excursions, nature, camping, hiking, mother earth, nature, bodymind, exercise

I am thrilled that Spring is finally here in the Chicagoland area. Although winter outdoor activities can be great fun, there is nothing like camping, hiking, canoeing/kayaking, cycling and swimming in the warmth of the Spring and Summer sun. I am already planning several camping trips this summer; and have taken short hikes getting my legs prepared. The first on the list is a trip to Door County . If you have never been it is beautiful. It is getting a little touristy in certain areas, but there are plenty of places to find some solitude.

4 May. 2015 Posted by Hannah Mich

Poop and Be Healthy

bowel movement and your health, healthy GI tract, poop and your health, healthy BM

I ask about my clients bowel movements on a weekly basis. Some people wonder why this is so important to the work I do. An hour later, after I have gone into my full explanation, they have a much better understanding of my reasoning. Your gastrointestinal health and pooping have a lot to do with how you feel when you are physically active. It is not exactly fun trying to run a 5k if you have not pooped in 3 or more days!! Unfortunately a slow GI tract is more common than most people know; and it is NOT healthy or normal. So, what does pooping have to do with being healthy and fit?

12 Feb. 2015 Posted by Hannah Mich

Energize Yourself with These Healthy Tips

meditation, boost energy, energy medicine, exercise, daily exercise routine

Most clients, especially those with kids and/or a stressful job, would like to have more energy throughout their day. Unfortunately getting more sleep is just not enough to refill your own personal battery for the day. More sleep is not enough, it is about having harmony within your energy. Thinking about energy as something more dynamic and alive means that "getting more of it" is a matter of having the tools to tap into that dynamic alive energy.

4 Jan. 2015 Posted by Hannah Mich

Small Changes = Big Results

New Year's Resolution, 2015 Resolutions, weight loss, weight loss goals, exercise goals, New Year's resolution tips

Well, it is that time of year again. Where we make these grand New Year's Resolutions, hoping that we will finally make some major changes. Most of the time New Year's Resolutions are made to improve health: weight loss, eating healthier, quit smoking or exercising regularly. I am not against these New Year's Resolutions. I think it is always a good idea to set a long-term goal; BUT the key words are long-term . The best way to achieve a long-term goal, is to set easier short-term goals to step your way to that major change you want in your life.

14 Nov. 2014 Posted by Hannah Mich

Breathing Your Way to Fit

ab workout, core fitness, breathing exercises, meditation, yoga breathing

As the title of this blog suggests, this blog is about how our breathing plays such a major role in fitness and overall wellbeing. With my background in Sports Medicine, I was never taught through my formal training on the importance of breathing exercises on fitness. The extent of my training on breath work was to only make sure athletes do not hold their breath, especially during weight lifting. Holding the breath is referred to as the valsalva maneuver; it can cause a drastic increase in blood pressure.

9 Oct. 2014 Posted by Hannah Mich

3D Personal Training

personal training, personal training guidelines, personal trainer, active lifestyle

Most people who walk through my door want success with their exercise program. Having true long-term success with an exercise program (and active healthy lifestyle) is no easy task. A lot goes into that success both on my end and the client’s. And unlike many trainers out there, I will tell you there are no quick fixes. There are no definite answers or solutions. There are no go-to-exercises that will make it all better in a matter of days. You want success it takes time, patience and what I would call the 3Ds of personal training.