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Frequently Asked Questions

What is holistic personal training?

Holistic personal training is training methods that address you as a whole person: emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and your environment. The degree in which any of these areas are addressed is highly personalized. The physical aspect is the area focused on the most in personal training, but the other areas can be highly influential in your physical health and well-being. Therefore, Hannah addresses all areas based on a client's needs and goals.

Do you accept health insurance?

Not at this time.

How do you utilize energy medicine into your practice?

My energy medicine techniques comes from independent studying, utilizing my intuition, and Donna Eden's work . I attended and completed a 3-day workshop with Donna Eden. Energy medicine techniques may include tapping, "shaking", circular motions and holding specific points along chakras or meridian lines to aid in getting you to your goal(s). For some clients, I may utilize a lot of energy medicine if they are open and receptive; while other clients I may use no energy medicine. The use of any technique is always discussed prior to utilizing it. As I always point out to my clients these are only tools that I use to help you and guide you.

What other techniques do you offer that makes your practice holistic?

Other techniques I utilize to assist you in achieving your goals and addressing you as a whole person include, visualization, imagery, meditation, journal writing and overall lifestyle adjustments. Adding these techniques to an exercise program helps improve the effectiveness and efficiency of that program. You will also be more likely to comply with the program long-term.

Do you offer Physical Therapy?

I do not offer physical therapy or physical rehabilitation services as I am not a licensed physical therapist and I am retired from athletic training. My scope of practice falls within the practice of kinesiology and personal training with holistic techniques (energy medicine, visualizations, etc) incorporated to provide a dynamic training program for my clients. You can visit my biography page to read more about my education and work background.