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9 Oct. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich

Scrumptious Apple Crumb Cake

It is apple season and we have more apples than we can even begin to eat. So, I searched and searched for some award winning apple recipes. However, with my creative personality in the kitchen, sticking to a recipe just does not work. This apple crumb cake is moist, very tasty and has soft juicy apples in every bite. The original recipe can be found here . BUT this recipe will not disappoint and will likely be a reoccurring baked item in our house since our freezer is jammed packed of apple slices ready for use.

16 Aug. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich

Homemade Pizza: Need I say more?

We love pizza in our household. But getting pizza delivered can be a bit pricey and frozen pizza just does not cut it. We use to buy pre-made crusts. Then I decided to take on the task of making my own pizza crust. Most recipes were very time consuming; and when you want to make a quick homemade pizza on a friday night it just was not appealing to spend on hour just to prepare the crust. So, I finally found a base recipe and molded it to suite our tastes. I hope you enjoy this pizza and pizza crust recipe as much as we do.

4 Aug. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich

Flakey Moist Cod with Lemony, Butter and Dill Sauce

I love fish, but some members of my family are not so keen on the taste fish has to offer. So this is a great dish for both fish lovers and those who turn their nose up at it. This dishes plays off of the mild flavor of cod, giving it a fresh taste that everybody loves. Plus it is a quick and easy recipe. So if you are not use to cooking fish, no worries.

25 Jul. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich

Yogo-Choco Banana Muffin

Okay, this muffin is awesome. It is moist, sweet, chocolatey goodness. And YES it is good for you. It has a few more ingredients than I prefer for a muffin, but it is well worth it. I eat this muffin with an egg in the morning. I eat this muffin for a mid-day snack. I eat this muffin as a dessert. It is fabulous!

12 Jul. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich

Moist Mulberry Muffins

Mmm mmm delicious mulberries. The mulberry is a hardy little berry that grows on a tree. You can eat them by the handfuls or make these wonderfully moist and healthy mulberry muffins. We eat them for breakfast or a mid-day snack. Not much more to say because these muffins speak for themselves!

24 Jun. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich

Creamy Berry Smoothie

When it is a hot summer day, a cold beverage is what we crave. But ice cream is full of calories and sometimes the usual lemonade or ice tea are just not enough. Well, this smoothie is it! The raspberries and strawberries add the freshness and slight tartness. The dates add the sweetness without all the processed sugar. The yogurt is thick and creamy. The flaxseed oil and wheat germ add the nutrients and make the smoothie ultra healthy. It is delicious and a great addition to your summer recipe list.

14 Jun. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich

Cheddar n' Biscuit

This recipe cannot be any easier and more delicious. These biscuits are very versatile, too. If you cannot tell from previous recipes, I like recipes that I can change up once and while without having a disaster on my hands. For example, I use this same recipe for strawberry shortcake, too. I simply omit the cheddar cheese and add 1/4 of sugar and 1 tsp of vanilla. You know when they say if it seems too good to be true than it usually is - well this is not one of them.

28 May. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich

Savory Spaghetti Bolognese

My husband and I love italian food. However, spaghetti with marinara sauce and other traditional dishes can become a little redundant. So, this recipe is a great change. It has lots of flavor and is very filling. The thick and hearty meat sauce goes great a glass of red wine, too.

13 May. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich

Hearty Veggie Couscous

Sometimes vegetarian dishes can leave you less satisfied than if there was just a bit of meat in the dish. This dish, however, is very hearty and filling. The root vegetables combined with chickpeas and some wonderful spices make this couscous recipe one of my favorite vegetarian recipes. It is also great warmed up for a second and third meal because the flavors just continue to be absorbed into the couscous. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

7 May. 2013 Posted by Hannah Mich

Pork Enchiladas With a Verde Sauce

This is just a wonderfully yummy dish. I enjoy making mexican dishes, such as tacos and burritos. So, it is always exciting when I discover a new mexican dish. The spices on the pork compliment the lemony freshness of the verde sauce.