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Household Products

The poison symbol and warnings on household products should have been an obvious clue to the dangers of these harsh chemicals in regards to our health and environment or ecosystems. Daily use of harsh chemicals in our households are creating significant damage to plants, waterways and other wildlife and ecosystems. Less harsh alternative household products currently exist and continue to improve; so make the switch.

22 Jul. 2011 Posted by Hannah Mich in phthalates, fragrance, perfumes, dangers chemicals, household products

Deceiving Our Noses: Dangers of Household Products

fragrance, dangers of perfume, household products

Now most of us know that sticking our noses in a bleach bottle is harmful to us and that drinking any household product is equally as dangers, if not deadly. But what about wafting and smelling the scents left behind, from the smells of our fabric softener to the air fresheners strategically placed throughout our homes? Although we are made to believe that all of these smells equal fresh and clean, these smells are the result of chemicals. They are deceiving our noses and us.

A 1991 “Environmental Health Perspectives” article said it best,

23 May. 2011 Posted by Hannah Mich in consumers, products, shopping, manufacturing, environmental health

Shopping and Industry Practices on Autopilot

consumers, products, shopping, manufacturing, environmental health

We know we can go to the grocery store or department store and pick up a frozen pizza and blue jeans, respectively. And now days we can walk into Walmart and purchase both of these items. But do you really know where all these products come from and what is really in them?

Now, you may look on the tag of those jeans and see that they are made in Thailand, China or India; or that your pizza was made in Chicago or Detroit. There is still this disconnection between us and our daily lives and our products and food, which needs to be mended.